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Camp Fimfo

Camp Fimfo is a resort located in the Texas Hill Country along the Guadalupe River that is all about spending time outdoors. The Fimfo design team brought us in to pitch and design outdoor attractions for their property.


Camp Fimfo

(New Braunfels)



Design Pitch

After some initial meetings with the Fimfo design team and a preliminary site visit we got to work and created mockups of potential installations. We pitched a number of designs, including light up Marshmallow Hammocks, Doors to No-Where, interactive mini golf obstacles, and a community picnic area. 


Following our design pitch, Fimfo decided to move forward with the fabrication of the Marshmallow Hammocks and the construction of two unique Doors To Nowhere. We went through a further design process to create technical construction drawings before we began the construction process.


The bulk of our time and energy for this process was spent in the fabrication phase. Creating the Marshmallows proved to be particularly challenging because we had to hollow cast 12 large and durable sculptures that could survive Texas summers and be lit from within. To accomplish this we sculpted a single Marshmallow out of foam, we then created a giant silicon mold that we could use for resin casting. Hollowing casting requires that the mold is constantly rotated along two axises while the resin is drying. Our DIY solution to this problem was to modify a concrete mixer and attach our silicon mold to the inside of the rotating concrete mixer.


When the Doors and Marshmallows were completed we drove them down to New Braunfels and spent two days installing them on site.