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KMFA Projection and Video System + Audio Reactive Projection Content  

Austin Texas's Classical Radio station built a new headquarters in Austin in 2022, Interactive Nature was approached to help build out one of their performance spaces with a projection and video capture system which which was designed for audio reactive visuals to be projected on this large wall behind the performers. The system also includes multiple PTZ cameras that are sent to an AV computer which can be used to record or stream performances. Additionally we were tasked with creating custom audio reactive content for this system to be used during miscellaneous performances in the space.






There are many aspects of this projects that needed technical design, drafting, planning and brainstorming. This included a technical design for the projection system, the recording system, our custom audio reactive content as well as the custom control system 


The install in the space took place over two weeks between performances, beginning by creating a new portion of the current cloud rigging, installing and aligning the projectors, running power and data, installing cameras, setting up the AV computer and setting up our custom control system touch designer patch. We also held a instructional day for faculty to teach them how to use the system.

First Performance with new system

The first use case for this system was a 15 musician lineup that kicked off the week of SXSW 2023. We used the opportunity to work with the faculty of KMFA to make sure they understood how to use the system and control various looks for the projection content.

Audio Reactive Content

We designed and array of audio reactive media meant to live in KMFA's collection of general use projection content.

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