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The Little Mermaid

We were approached from the folks at the St. Andrews Episcopal School to design and program the projections for their upcoming production of the Little Mermaid. What we thought would be a simple high school production turned into a full-fledged, high budget musical.


St. Andrews



Initial Design Process

We met with the teachers, director, and other designers about the overall aesthetic of the show. It followed a lot of the Disney look but also wanted to feel more realistic. We used the realistic imagery as inspiration for the graphics during the production. Along with the talks about design, we helped spec out the design for the projection system inside of the space. It was ambitious to use projections to fill the front and rear projections as well as the large grey panels in the house.

Content Creation

Using Unreal Engine, we were able to create realistic graphics that transported the characters to the world of the Little Mermaid. 


With the high production value theatrics, quite good acting (especially for such young actors), and the immersive projections, the production of the Little Mermaid was a wild experience enjoyed by audiences. Inside of this gallery you'll also find some snippets of the performance in action.

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