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STF Interior Design

We worked with Squad Team Force (STF) to design a new office and set for their team. We wanted the space to reflect their branding while also being a functional space for them to create content in for many years to come.


Rooster Teeth




We pre-visualized the final interior design using Vectorworks for the drafting and made use of DataSmith to export the geometry into Unreal Engine. This allowed us to quickly iterate and keep visual fidelity at a near photorealistic level.  


The design called for a number of unique pieces to be fabricated for the office. We modified a number of pre-built cabinets with custom light fixtures, created a custom divider, and made two bespoke signs with embed LED neon for their office.


We spent approximately two weeks installing all of the furniture, changing ceiling tiles, putting up custom wallpaper, painting walls, adding in wood accents, and getting the space ready for the STF team.

Final Results

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